DBA role for anyone?

DBA role grant to myselft (tested in 12.2) thanks to Pete Finnigan  for explanation "this is not an exploit, this is due to the privileges granted" CREATE USER "TUSER" IDENTIFIED BY VALUES 'S:B368AC805D18763B7ABB524F49E264B5FB86C3A33574D41EEEEBCF96E08A;T:E1F2507A6EB276AF7C7C43FF1BBF5E BB31C5518EAA2E4F1EB1BB639D9B5A14C8D7AD4CF476D1C147C8869FE628963D2BA0C4808257D81DC81D5373CA2C3CAE739288D97C97F2D87E39069DB2E1F629DA' DEFAULT TABLESPACE "USERS" TEMPORARY TABLESPACE "TEMP"; -- Note: No TS Quotas found! GRANT "CONNECT" TO "TUSER" GRANT "RESOURCE" TO "TUSER" GRANT … Continue reading DBA role for anyone?


1st db went online a week ago sofar so good Issues PL/SQL  compile 0/0 PL/SQL: Compilation unit analysis terminated 0/0 PLS-00761: Programmeinheitsortierung darf nur USING_NLS_COMP sein SQL> alter session set default_collation=USING_NLS_COMP;  Triggers An error in trigger PLS-00049: bad bind variable after converting tables to COLLATE BINARY_CI; SR will be created CREATE TABLE "CI"."TESTTAB" ( "ID" … Continue reading Oracle 12.2 COLLATE BINARY_CI

ORA-1246 TNS:permission denied

  set permission on Oracle binary: cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin chmod 6755 oracle permissions on /oracle/xxxxxxxxxxx/dbms122/bin/oracle   not correct /xxxi/hbai>ls -altr $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle -rwsrws--- 1 hsxxx dba 408095920 9. Aug 13:41 /oracle/xxxxxxxxxxx/dbms122/bin/oracle   These are correct -rwsr-s--x 1 hsxxx dba 408095920 9. Aug 13:41 /oracle/xxxxxxxxxxx/dbms122/bin/oracle